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Wooden constructions

Shelters, carports, woodsheds, winter gardens

We deal with planning, producing and assembling roofs of terraces, carports or winter gardens through wooden structures that are performed according to ready-made designs or according to individualized parameters suggested by the client. Our experienced workers also provide the assembly service. We possess complete sets of elements necessary for putting up your desired structure – everything from steel fittings to materials needed for roof coverings and built-in walls.


Our structures are made of Scandinavian sawn timber, kiln-dried, mechanically sorted, four-sides planed, KVH timber and glued laminated timber. We also offer an impregnation service for the wooden parts of the structure with the colour of your choosing, using high-quality wood priming oils.


Our structures are planned with the use of specialist software and produced by computer-controlled machine centres for working with wood. Each carport undergoes an initial assembly before delivery, which ensures a precise fitting of all the components during assembly. Owing to this you are also given the possibility of mounting the roofing on your own in an quick and easy manner if you choose to do so. Our structures fulfil their role perfectly when used as roofing for cars, bicycles, motorbikes, sailing or windsurfing equipment, firewood, roofed barbeque areas or winter garden structures. They protect against rain, snow, frost, dust, solar radiation or falling leaves.

winter gardens

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