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Trusses – halls, warehouses


Thanks to the high quality of the wood we use as well as our complex engineering programmes, our structures can achieve a span of 30 metres without placing internal supports between walls. This allows for constructing facilities with large interiors that can be shaped freely. This translates into eliminating construction limits already at the planning phase and during building use.

Our technology also allows us to perform framework facilities – built solely from wood with a span of up to 24 metres. This enables a quick and relatively cheap assembly of large production or warehousing facilities – even 2-3 times cheaper than steel structures.

The wooden structure allows for and simplifies the installation of any kind of roof coverings, facades and other .

Trusses – halls, warehouses

The raw materials and the technology we use have the required attestations, approvals and certificates and our design calculations underwrite the stability of the structures.

Our trusses enable a flexible binding of the wooden structures with steel or reinforced concrete ones.

Our trusses

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