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Trusses - multi-family buildings

The tresses have a wide range of uses in the multi-family construction business – many developers have already realized that it is the cheapest and quickest way of assembling a roof structure on blocks of flats, terraced houses or whole residential areas. Prefabrication allows to achieve a high performance accuracy of the constructed buildings, and the quick and easy assembly significantly reduces labour time.
Trusses for multi-family buildings

Our experience lets us carry out the planned project concept or to perform a dedicated, individualized roof structure project. The roof's shape can be constructed as desired – flat, double- or multi-sloped, arched; all fitting into the architectural type of the building.

multi-family buildings trusses

We make our experience and counseling available for our clients, starting right at the planning phase. Our goal is to quickly provide you with the building that's progressed into its next stage of works.

Our tresses have all the necessary attests and approvals required by regulations of the law. Our structures have the CE certification marking required by construction standards.


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