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Trusses – public buildings


Trusses with a construction span of 30 metres without the use of intermediate supports allow for an effortless arrangement of an optimally large and free usable area. Our structures significantly decrease the assembly time of objects.
Wiązary dla budynków urzyteczności publicznej

Our company's trusses are applicable in the roof structures of:

  • schools and kindergartens
  • clubhouses and recreation rooms
  • events and sports halls
  • concert halls
  • hospitals and bureaus
  • catering facilities


The planed Scandinavian wood that is used in production is often a decorative part of interiors.

Thanks to our experience and sophisticated software we are able to implement structures of irregular or arched shapes, carrying out the most daring architectural concepts of our designers.
Wiązary dla budynków urzyteczności publicznej

Our trusses have all the necessary certificates and approvals, including CE.


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